• Precision metering, accuracy, and repeat-ability, with no pulsation

  • Consistent performance under demanding conditions

  • Reliability, long life, minimal maintenance

  • Superior metallurgy, state-of-the-art machining, and advanced metro-logy equipment make Feinpruef pumps simply the best on the market - trusted worldwide for over 50 years.

  •  General specifications: The gear pumps can be designed to operate at temperatures up to 425° (800°F), pressures in excess of  350  bar (5000 psi), and viscosity exceeding 30,000 poise.  Various materials of construction may be selected, based on process requirements such as operating temperatures pressures., viscosity, corrosive or abrasive properties of product, etc. Standard pump capacities range from 0.01 cc/rev to 2300 cc/rev. Metering accuracy is typically within ±1% by volume. Specifications very by pump design.

HV. LV Pump

MarFlow™ Pail, Drum, Tote and Vessel Pumps

Drum Metering Pumps are suitable for most precision metering of thin to thick viscosity products.

MarMag™ Hazardous & Toxic Pumping Solutions

MarMagTM Magnetic Drive Pumps are ideal for critical containment applications. When product leakage cannot be tolerated, MarMagTM Magnetically Coupled Pumps are the perfect solution. MarMagTM is ideal for pumping environmentally hazardous or toxic materials, flammable liquids, or strong aromatics that require hermetic sealing.