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Low and High Viscosity Drum Metering Pumps

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Advantages of Orbetron Drum Metering Pumps

  • Constant pulse-less flow

  • Accurate metering (not just transfer)

  • Increased production quality

  • Adjustable flow rate via VFD

  • High pressure rating

  • Reduce contaminated products


LV Design

  • Viscosity from 1 to 90,000 cp

HV Design

  • Viscosity from 100,000 to 2,500,000 cp

  • Discharge pressure — to 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Materials of Construction

Metering Pump

F16 — high tungsten, vanadium and chromium alloyed high-speed steel. It is second only to tungsten carbide in wear resistance. This material offers excellent stability in high temperature applications.

N19 — high chromium and molybdenum alloyed steel, similar to stainless steels, but it can be hardened. Excellent for processing very corrosive chemical substances.

DLC —coating can be used to harden and protect materials in extremely corrosive or abrasive applications.


All wetted mounting materials are stainless steel.

A closer look

Drum metering systems are available for both high and low viscosity materials. Metering directly from a pail, drum or tote dramatically reduces the waste and possible contamination of product. The Orbetron Drum metering pump is an accurate metering source providing continuous pulseless flow. Variable Frequency Drive control provides variable flow rates.

LV Drum Pump The LV series is designed for products which will flow freely as the unit is submerged into the product. This design is capable of metering viscosities up to about 90,000 cp. If your product will flow freely down the side of its storage source, the LV design will be suitable for your application.

Generally the pump is lifted via rigging overhead and the weights can vary from 7 to 45 Kg (15 lbs to over 100 lbs). Eye bolts are mounted to the drum pump according to the needs of the end user. A lift stand can be purchased by request of the customer.

HV Drum Pump The HV series drum pump is designed for thick viscosity, hard-to-pump products. The pump mounting is based on a platen design and follows the product from the top to the bottom of the drum as it empties.

Pneumatics are utilized for both adding pressure to “ram” the product helping to feed the pump and to lift the platen out of the empty barrel. Complete mounting of the pneumatics and pump